• Apparatus

    Modern lighting born from playful experimentation with vintage components and hand-worn materials.
  • Agrippa

    Handmade pieces that use rich, exquisite woods and seductive shapes
  • Atelier Fevrier

    Fusing modern art with traditional design to create luxury, bespoke, and environmentally conscious rugs
  • Bernard Figueroa Light Sculptures

    Meticulously hand-crafted fixtures formed by fusing nature's shapes with precious materials.  
  • Bowles and Linares

    Modern lighting inspired by antiquity and a love of raw materials.
  • Chai Ming Studios

    Modern detailed, classic furniture designed by Gary Lee Studios.
  • Christopher Boots

    Architectural lighting hand made in Melbourne, Australia.  
  • DLV Collection

    Bench-made pieces that blur the boundaries between refined and rugged.
  • Elan Atelier

    A collection that combines traditional and contemporary styles with strong French and Asian design influences.
  • Gentner

    Furniture based in metal incorporating a strong use of wood, leather, and glass.
  • Jeremy Cole

    New Zealand-based lighting collection that pushes the boundaries of ceramics.
  • KGBL

    Unapologetically modern furniture handcrafted of materials and methods associated with older levels of craftsmanship.
  • Kriest

    Material-driven lighting, vessels, and objects inspired by the 'aether element' -- or dream world.
  • Lake + Wells

    A Chicago design collective inspired by American industrial design, manufacturing, and ingenuity.  
  • Matthew Fairbank Design

    Heirloom quality wood furniture and hand-built lighting.
  • Promemoria

    Luxury furnishings with roots that span four generations of craftsmanship, hand-made in the Lake Como region of Italy.
  • Richard Wrightman Design

    Traditional campaign furniture expressed in modern form.
  • Sé Collections

    Sé aims to push design forward infusing durability and hand-finishing with wit, glamour, and a hint of fantasy.
  • Tondelli Arredamenti

    Contemporary furniture and fixtures from Modena, Italy.
  • Wud Furniture Design

    Wüd is more than luxury. It’s a luxury for our time. Design that is elegant, yet still informal, steeped in fine art, yet eminently practical, at home anywhere people live and gather.